Our Story

Jamaican swim and ready-to-wear designer, Rhea Gayle, created Rhea Imani to pay tribute to her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother. Three generations of strong, talented and undoubtedly fashionable women who gifted her with much of the skill and knowledge she now uses in the creation of her pieces.

Born in the resort town of Negril, Rhea grew up admiring local artisans and craftsmen who nurtured her love for design and art. She draws inspiration from her rich, vibrant, Jamaican culture, her beautiful home town, travel and nature.

The Rhea Imani brand was created for confident, bold women who like to make a statement. All our pieces are designed and handmade in Negril, Jamaica by Rhea and her team of local women. Our designs are made to flatter the natural curve and shape of the female figure.

Each piece is done with so much love! We look forward to sharing it with you!

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